Mobile Work & Storage Shelter

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  • Width: 4.0m
  • Length: 4.0m, 6.0m & 8.0m
  • Overall Height: 2.7m 
  • Fire-Retardant and Waterproof
  • Easy to Install & Relocate
  • Heavy-Duty Screw Anchor Foundations or Marquee Pins
  • 610g PVC Coated Fabric Cover in Urban Grey or Rural Green
  • Ideal For Vehicle and Machine Storage and Covered Workspaces

Our foundations are specially designed to securely anchor the structure onto the ground without the need for concrete, whilst being quick and easy to remove when needed. You can easily move it around fully assembled, with a person at each corner and then fasten it down again in it's new location. This makes this structure ideal for temporary storage or as a covered workspace for construction and industrial applications.

Our mobile work shelter is made from 50mm ArmourGuard® tubular steel, 32mm galvanised steel brace bars and heavy-duty PVC coated fabric. 

ArmourGuard® is Britcover’s newly developed high-endurance tube, combining extraordinary levels of corrosion resistance with the durability of high strength steel. ArmourGuard® offers up to 20 times the corrosion resistance of galvanised tube thanks to its revolutionary zinc, aluminium and magnesium coating. In exhaustive tests carried out by Rotech Laboratories, one of the UK’s leading test houses, ArmourGuard® endured the equivalent of 100 years’ exposure to the harshest elements without undue deterioration. 

Our work shelters make the ideal temporary storage facility for vehicles and machinery, as well as a waterproof, covered work space for a range of applications. Choose from colours designed to allow the structure to blend into it's environment, either Urban Grey or Rural Green.

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