Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction

The Noise-Ex™ Sound Absorbing cladding system is based around a our unique fixing system which accepts a nylon beading strip sewn onto the top and bottom edges of the Noise-Ex™ Sound Absorbing panels. This system allows the panels to be fitted quickly and securely in almost any situation without use of bungees or hooks.

The 3-layer Noise-Ex™ cladding system is comprised of a 1m x 1m foam panel enclosed between a protective sound-transparent textile and a waterproof PVC-coated fabric. The outer face of the panel is produced from a 610g/m² flame retardant, PVC-coated fabric, which is UV stabilised, waterproof, and comes with a 10 year plus life expectancy. The core is a highly specialised 50mm thick, sound absorbing & flame-retardant foam panel. The internal facing material is a specialised sound/noise transparent, flame retardant, waterproof woven material.  This allows noise to pass through, rather than bounce off, allowing the foam to absorb the sound.  The top and bottom edges have a nylon beading stitched in to the seam which easily slides along the aluminium rail support system.  The vertical edges have a Velcro connection, one side has a flap to overlap the corresponding panel.  There are no gaps or eyelets where noise leakage can occur, thus increasing the overall effectiveness even further whilst creating a weatherproof cladding system.

The Noise-Ex™ Sound Absorbing panels can be printed with your logo or advertisement, perfect for building your brand. Particularly useful when using the Noise-Ex™ Sound Absorbing Cladding System for scaffold applications.

Fixing methods

The Noise-Ex™ Sound Absorbing cladding system is based around our unique, fast and effective fixing system. The aluminium rail which accommodates the Noise-Ex™ panel’s nylon beading can be fixed horizontally to almost any structure, framework, fencing or scaffolding with our specialist quick-fix brackets or the ‘T’ slot along the back of the rail that accommodates an M8 hexagon bolt head making it extremely versatile.The Noise-Ex™ panels then simply slide along the aluminium rail into position and connects together with velcro.

Internal building

The Noise-Ex™ system can be suspended on cables to the internal area of a building or structure in a similar way that a suspended ceiling is installed.

Scaffold cladding

Specialist scaffold clamps allow the Noise-Ex™ system to be fixed directly to a scaffold quickly and easily. We also supply simple PVC-coated fabric sheets and clear PVC window panels which  use the same fixing system.

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