Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft Hangars

Low Cost Hangars

Britcover manufacture a range of cost-effective hangars for light aircraft and microlights, ranging from 5.5m wide up to 10m wide.  The length can be tailored to meet your exact needs.  The tubular steel framework is manufactured from galvanised steel, which is galvanised both inside and outside to construction grade Z35, whilst the end frames and side rails are all manufactured from aluminium box section.  There are three options for securing our hangars to the ground.  The foundation tubes are normally set in concrete, and so a hole measuring approx. 50cm x 50cm x 50cm is required for each ground tube. Alternatively, we can supply foundation tubes with base plates that are bolted directly on to an existing concrete base.  Screw anchor foundation tubes are another option if the soil type is suitable.  These simply screw 75-80cm in to the ground.  Clad with either green polythene (white on the underside) or heavy duty PVC coated fabric in a range of colours.  Supplied with a wind-up front door and a small personnel access door at the rear.  Removable support posts are supplied with the front door which add extra support against the wind whilst still allowing your aircraft full access.

Widths (standard height): 5.5m, 6.4m, 7.3m, 8.2m, 9.1m & 10.0m

(extra high): 6.4m & 8.0m

Height (standard): 3.0m to 3.7m depending on the width

(extra high): 3.7m & 4.0m depending on the width

Cladding PVC coated fabric (15-20 years life expectancy), or green polythene (10 years life expectancy)

  • Tubular steel main frame, galvanised to Z35 both inside and out
  • 50mm tube up to 6.4m wide, and 60mm tube for 7.3m and above
  • Aluminium box-section base rails and end frames incorporating our unique cover fixing system
  • Optional heavy-duty PVC fabric cladding or low-cost polythene
  • Choice of securing options (foundations)
  • Integrated cover tensioning system ensures a drum-skin tight finish
  • British Made - manufactured in-house
  • Full set of construction instructions supplied
  • Optional construction service available
  • Free delivery to most mainland UK destinations

Please contact our Sales Team on 01282 873 120 for a quote or for further information.  If requesting a quotation then please advise your wing span and aircraft height.

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